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  • Жанр: Adventures
  • Версия: 2.612.532
  •  усский язык: Yes
  • Требования:Android 4.4
  • Просмотров: 4,079,072

ROBLOX is a magnificent adventure project that represents a whole universe consisting of many worlds of dash games. Gamers have at their disposal a huge variety of styles, genres, tasks, conditions, freedoms and everything else, which provides excellent gameplay for singles and for those who want to communicate with other participants. Cross-platform, elements of a social network, customization and transformation of a blank man into a unique avatar, and so on, eliminate any obstacles to this. Well, beautiful graphics and convenient controls guarantee a comfortable pastime with any game mechanics.

ROBLOX is a playground that includes thousands of exciting mini-games in real time.

Inside the application you can find games in genres such as horror, sandboxes, first- and third-person shooters, runners, platformers, racing and just action games. You can choose the genre that interests you and start playing together with friends or random players from all over the world.

Try going on an epic RPG adventure and taking on a wide variety of players, or just hang out with your friends and have fun. The service has a huge number of worlds created by users, their number is constantly increasing, which means you can try something new every day. You can create a unique avatar by customizing its appearance, as well as other features that will set you apart from thousands of other players. Buy weapons, cars, houses and develop your own mini-games.

In general, the project turned out to be interesting, there are enough players in it to make your stay in the games more rich and varied.

Description of the mod:
Features of the mod:
Adds a menu in the upper left corner with a large number of cheats:
- Ghost Mode (God Mode - invisibility, immortality).
- Multipe Jump (infinite jump through the air).
- Fly (turns on flight mode).
- Super Jump (increases jump height x3).
- Gravity (turns off gravity).
- Teleport Up (high instant jump).
- WallHack V1 (pass through walls, noclip).
- WallHack V2 (enhanced mode of passing through walls, use if V1 did not work).
- Get Out Of Prison (the character automatically tries to get out of the location).
- Get Stuck On The Floor (the character falls into the floor, part of the body is behind the textures - this cheat can be combined with other cheats, for example, if WallHack is activated after it, the player will pass through the floor to the floor below).
- Bunny Hop V1 (jumping or bhope - constant jump mode from CS).
- Bunny Hop V2 (accelerated jumping mode).
- Explode Mode (body explosion mode - the character makes chaotic convulsive movements).
- Teleportation (Teleport - acts when approaching any texture).
- Unlimited Energy (endless endurance, energy).
- Snake Mode.
- Body Does Not Destroy When Restarting
- Speed ​​With Lock + (fast run forward x3).
- Speed ​​With Lock - (fast run back x3).
- Lock Walking Position (moving backwards).
- Chams (Chams - change colors).
- Dark Mode V1, V2 (some objects become dark).
- Bright Light (light mode).
- Remove Body (removes the entire body, leaving only the head).
- Slim Body (makes the body flat).
- Frozen Screen (fixes the camera viewing angle in a certain position, the camera does not follow the player).
- No Walking Animation (disables walking animation).
- X-Ray (vision mode through walls, all players can be seen through any obstacles - analogue of VX).
- Line In The Sky (another version of seeing through walls).
- Dark Sky (makes the sky dark).
- Map Purple, Green, Red (color settings).


Популярность: 66%
Оценок: 16285
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