Billy Wants To Play: Horror 1.36 Mod (Unlocked)

Billy Wants To Play: Horror 1.36 Mod (Unlocked)

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  • Обновлено: Today, 10:08
  • Жанр: Adventures
  • Версия: 1.36
  •  усский язык: Yes
  • Требования:Android 5.0
  • Просмотров: 273

Billy Wants To Play: Horror is a nerve-wracking adventure of the main character in the secret lair of a ruthless maniac. The antagonist has superhuman strength and vitality, which raises suspicions that he is not a madman in disguise, but a full-fledged fiend of darkness. He kidnaps people, puts them in a maze and forces them to play a game where the loser will be killed. Players will have to surprise the enemy and not only collect information about the origin of the enemy, but also find a way to get out of the trap. Good graphics, a smart villain, a large map, varied endings and much more will delight fans of the genre.

Популярность: 100%
Оценок: 1
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