Den of the Defiant (18+) Ch. 1 Mod (full version)

Den of the Defiant (18+) Ch. 1 Mod (full version)

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  • Обновлено: 04/20/2024, 03:04
  • Жанр: +18
  • Версия: Ch. 1
  •  усский язык:
  • Требования:Android 4.1
  • Просмотров: 3,744

Den of the Defiant (18+) is a very good project in terms of visual quality for an adult audience of gamers. The game also features a fairly entertaining plot. It all starts with the fact that a group of witches decides to undergo a more serious operation than just tricks and love spells. This is why he organizes a ritual to summon a demon. But the lack of experience played a cruel joke. The guest has arrived, but he is just that: a guest. They were unable to subjugate him. And he decides to feel sorry for the incompetent. Moreover, he is interested in this world. This is how his acquaintance with local peculiarities and those who rather unceremoniously pulled him out of his native dimension begins.

Популярность: 60 %
Оценок: 5
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